Tinder? Thank you. next.  Bumble? Thank you, next.

Are you ready to dive straight into the dating pool but don't want to wait to meet someone “the old fashioned way”, has it gotten to a point where Married At First Sight seems like a legitimate option?!?

Before you give up all hope, Crate Escape has a world's first dating experience this Valentines Day: The Blind Date Escape!

By filling out the form below and applying, we will match you with your perfect date using the answers given.  You will then be paired up and put into our Prison Escape room on Valentines Day (along with another 3 other couples) to solidify your bond using ...unconventional practice. You’ll have 1 hour to find the clues, solve the puzzles, escape…..and maybe find love!

Then, head to a local bar for a free glass of bubbles on us. With candlelight and soft salsa music playing in the background you can discuss your escape experience and share dating app horror stories

P.S. Yes this is free to enter and if you get matched you get to play Prison Escape for FREE :)