find the clues, solve the puzzles
and escape in 60 minutes!

I have done over a dozen escape rooms, and this by far is the best. If you are looking to do an escape room in Christchurch do this room!
Loved the whole experience, such great value for money too. Hilarious fun with friends, especially if you’re competitive!

Our Rooms

85 Armagh Street, Christchurch Central


Prison Escape (R13)

Sent to CUSP, a prison that is said to be inescapable, you and your fellow inmates have 1 hour to do the impossible and escape.....or face a public execution!  Use your wits, follow the clues, evade the guards and find a way to freedom.

Min team of 4 / Max 10.  From $25 per person

- Now taking midweek teams of 2 & 3 -

492 Colombo St, Sydenham


The Lost Hut of Antarctica (R13)

Your elite team of Treasure Hunters are traversing Antarctica in hopes to find the legendary lost treasure of Jim Pemberton. 

Through a major blizzard you stumble across Pemberton’s Lost Hut! Can you unlock the secrets it holds and claim the treasure, fame and glory?

Min team of 2 / Max 6. From $20 per person


The Misadventures of
Max Magnus

Explore the secret hideaway of legendary Professor Max Magnus.... scientist, record producer, social butterfly and reckless time traveller!

Max's ciphers and puzzles will test your cognitive abilities as you unravel a twisted tale like no other. Decipher the clues, unlock the secrets and solve the mystery of the time travellers save Max Magnus from himself!

Min team of 2 / Max 6. From $20 per person


- October 1st -

Super Computer S.O.P.H.I.E has mysteriously gone offline. If not fixed she will meltdown and destroy the planet. Your team have 1 hour to go into the dark of SOPHIE’s core and get her systems back online.

Min team of 2 / Max 4. From $25 per person



I have done over a dozen escape rooms, and this by far is the best. If you are looking to do an escape room in Christchurch do this room!
— Kath S *****
Still thinking about the experience at crate escape. I couldn’t recommend a better place to build the teams confidence or sense of achievement together.
— Tim O'Sullivan *****
What an awesome and fun experience, would definitely be recommending this place, the staff were super friendly and its just full of surprises. It shows a lot of planning and thought has gone into the room and puzzles. Can’t wait for the next mission!
— Alisha Parata *****
My husband and I are escape room aficionados so we found Crate Escape online and signed up for the Antarctic Room on our recent visit to Christchurch. We thought it was phenomenal and a real challenge since it has a variety of puzzle types that kept us engaged for the full 60 minutes. The room was very well constructed with a lot of great attention to detail. I’d highly recommend this to anyone looking for unique and memorable fun in beautiful Christchurch!
— Angela N *****
So much fun - was the perfect level of difficulty and really well thought out. Awesome activity for central ChCh.
— Scarlett Cvitanovich *****
For someone who doesn’t like problem solving I couldn’t believe how rewarding and exciting this was! Highly recommended going in with a group and getting stuck in together! Well done team excellent idea I’ll be back with a different bunch people to experience it again!
— Sophie Lilley *****








Crate Escape
492 Colombo St
Sydenham, Christchurch

Prison Escape
85 Armagh St (entrance via vehicle ramp)
Central City, Christchurch


Who Is it suitable for?

We get all sorts attempting the room - from couples on a date, families, flatmates, work groups, school groups and friends.  It's a lot of fun!

Our Max Magnus room is very family friendly and suitable for everyone any age!

Our Lost Hut of Antarctica and Prison Escape rooms are a little more advanced and are both R13. ALL rooms will need 1 adult (18 or over) in their team to play.

Do you take larger groups?

We can only have a maximum of 6 people in the Max Magnus and Lost Hut rooms per session - so 12 people per hour.  Our Prison Escape room however can hold a MAXIMUM of 10 people in a session. All up we can take a total of 22 people per hour.

If you have a larger group we recommend breaking up multiple teams across consecutive sessions.  Nearby there are plenty of bars, restaurants, cafes and the Margaret Mahy playground - so there is lots to do while you wait.

Is there parking or toilets?

There is an on-site bathroom at both our locations.

There is free parking right outside Crate Escape. For Prison Escape there is a Wilsons car park on the corner of Durham St Nth and Armagh St.


No.  And don't worry if you are claustrophobic - the rooms are large!


Of course you can…..

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